Performer Portfolio Catalogue

Elizabeth G.


Liz is usually eating popcorn and watching Netflix when she's not hanging out with her favorite character; Rapunzel. She joined our team in early 2017 and is one of MFP's most talented dancers. Liz hopes to move to Florida after graduation and work for The Mouse in an entertainment role. She thens plans on accomplishing her dream of one day becoming an elementary school teacher.

Entertaining Facts:

Liz is often told of her resemblance to Emma Stone. She is terrified of birds, but LOVES turtles, which is probably why snorkeling in Hawaii is #1 on her bucket list! Liz also loves museums of any kind. Her hobbies also include being on instagram 24/7.

Liz can't wait to bring smiles to little faces when you invite her to your celebration!



Snow Princess