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Erin will most likely be found hanging out with the Snow Princess. She works full time teaching young children, and spends her free days playing with her little brothers and watching Disney movies. Erin has been working hard to realize her dreams of moving to Australia! She joined MFP in January 2017 and, after spending fall semester of 2017 working for The Mouse, she immediately returned to making magic with us. Erin studied early childhood education and has worked closely with the Make-A-Wish foundation, for which she is hugely passionate about.

Entertaining Facts:

Erin loves chocolate more than the Snow Princess! She has never been in a theatre production but hopes to change that. Her favorite animal is a parrot and seeing them everyday at the Animal Kingdom was a dream come true for her!

Erin's joy is infectious to all those who meet her. Find out for yourself by asking her to come to your event!

Mermaid Princess

Sleeping Beauty


Snow Princess